Family Collage

Families are the real teachers — life skills, social skills, self-discipline lessons, tutoring when necessary and more.  While the job of learning shifts to schools for most families at a certain age, parents continue to reinforce school instruction, supplement content and teach what we believe is important.

We know that our children need to know more than “core” to be successful and well-rounded.  And for each child and family, that “more” could be different, and the effort and extent of “instruction” is different for each family as well.

Family Bedtime actively encourages and promotes family sharing, laughing, learning, bonding and talking time in several different ways with a variety of time and commitment levels:

  • Bedtime Bits provides reading and viewing material for families to learn, share, inspire, motivate, discuss and laugh. It’s free and you’ll get the latest issue upon subscribing.
  • Articles with encouragement, stories of folks just like us and different, how-to instructions and more
  • Tools, tips and templates like Motivational Summer to make summer “education” personal, inspirational, motivational, fun and rewarding
  • Ideas to help you come up with ways to inspire and motivate your children

As parents, it’s our job to identify our children’s strengths and interests, expose them to a wide range of pursuits and to spark that flame and keep that fire alive in order for them to achieve the ultimate goal  – to develop into happy, successful and good people.

Bedtime Bits is designed to control the flow of information, and allow brains to get around one thought, and maybe even acting on it, before moving to another. There is so much to know and learn today — but too much has its drawbacks.  Learning is a lifelong process and delayed gratification is one of the lessons…

Life is much more than core…..and we are our children’s first and most important teachers.  Let’s help each other.