Family Bedtime is about continuing to connect and laugh with our children as they get older, and exposing them to ideas, events, occupations and theories that they might not otherwise notice.  It’s using traditional mediums like books and papers, and modeling how to use the internet for the same purposes as well.

When They Grow Out of Bedtime Books

As our children got older, we didn’t read as many entire books to them since they preferred to read to themselves. Instead, we would read excerpts from what we were reading – usually funny or interesting chapters or pieces.  Or we’d print an article we found online (the recent study on the teenage frontal lobe was particularly useful and hilarious to us although not really intending to be – it was a great way to discuss the “5-seconds of stupid” topic in a humorous but factual way).   Our family loves to laugh, and we also like to read about other people and their experiences, so we continued with the articles, and then videos started to creep in.  We always gathered in our room before bedtime.  Our children are 14 and 15 now and we still do this – it’s become our ritual.

Sharing With Others

When a friend was telling me about their bedtime-ritual and how it had gotten a little off-track and out-of-hand, I sent her some of the things we had been reading and viewing at bedtime.  I also sent them to my sister.  And they both liked them.  I didn’t think about it again for a long time but every so often we’d be watching something or reading something and I would think, “I hope other parents are seeing this with their kids.”  And I didn’t mean that I was hoping they forwarded it to their older children to read or watch on their own, but that they were actually sharing it with them.  And that got me thinking…..

….that not all parents have the time or commitment to do this.  It’s much easier just to read a book.  But what happens when they grow out of this?  Often, we just let it go – we’re busy or we just think our children aren’t interested anymore.  We think (hope?) that portion of our lives is over.  It’s not, and it shouldn’t be.  Your children, regardless of age, still need you and love the time even if they express otherwise.  And they’ll appreciate the time and some of the morsels of information they come away with…and we don’t want any regrets as there are no “do-overs.”

Enter Family Bedtime

So this is more than sharing bedtime reading — it’s about inspiring and motivating our children to DO or LEARN something of interest or that’s beneficial to them.  Maybe it will even inspire you to do something you’ve wanted to do!  Family Bedtime provides strategies, tips and stories of ways to inform our children, and tools to use for specific purposes.   Families are where learning begins.

Bedtime Bits

Bedtime Bits provides bi-weekly content to keep your family bedtime ritual going….even if it’s not at bedtime….and to modernize it. It also serves to help you come up with ideas for your own family. Using the internet to share interesting, instructional, motivating and funny pieces that you and your children will then have in common – shared experiences and learning brings us and keeps us together.  And it teaches us both!


This is my family.

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