A blog from All Pro Dad recently came to my attention and reinforced my reasons for creating Family Bedtime and Bedtime Bits.  So I decided to start a list knowing that it will grow.  Check back and feel free to suggest some.

Reason for Family Bedtime #2:  Too Much Information

Controlling the flow of information and reading or viewing it together has a lasting impact.  It’s more likely to be discussed then and days later, and is done at a speed that works for everyone.  There is simply too much information out there, and our social media platforms give it constantly.  If we look at one lifehack or how-to a day, it’s still unlikely we will execute.  But receiving the volume that I see a day…fuhgeddaboudit.

Discovering something together, and discussing it, referencing it and/or acting on it develops a bond and has a more lasting impact.  In fact, the volume of material coming from social media is likely hurting young minds — almost like watering plants a small amount each day results in a shallower, more vulnerable root system.  Water deeper for a more lasting impact.

Reason for Family Bedtime #1:  Start While They Are Still Receptive

Our kids are still listening as teens, but it doesn’t always seem that they are quite as receptive as when they were younger.  Giving our children insight into ourselves while also making them aware of the “world-that-is-their-oyster,” will only reinforce our bond and encourage their success as adults.

We would only have ourselves to blame if they didn’t know about Da Vinci’s portable bridge plan or that a famous Olympian was coaxed by her PE teacher to race by allowing her to run in high heels.

So much to share….

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