What on Earth Is FBT?

Family Bedtime is –

  • Encouraging our kids to dream, learn, do or even be entrepreneurs at a young age and giving them the tools and support to make it happen
  • Ensuring that they know history – that Hitler was not elected, that the pilgrims tried different styles of “government” before deciding what worked
  • Showing them how to make or repair something and then doing it with them or having them do it themselves
  • Researching the truth about something we read or heard
  • Looking at a friend’s website together to see what he’s doing and how he’s marketing himself
  • Learning how to “use” all the information that is out there and thrown our way
Learning how to fix her own bike.
Girls on Laptop

Family Bedtime (FBT) can best be explained by its objective –

To keep families bonding on a daily basis in order to increase family sharing-laughing-learning-bonding-talking time outside of school in order to motivate, inspire, inform and pique their (and your) interest by

  1. Exposing our children to topics they could be missing in school, or expand upon those that are covered
  2. Emphasizing the topics our family wants them to understand
  3. Making our children more aware and increasing their understanding of the world around them and afar
  4. Showing our children that it’s up to them – helping them become independent thinkers, workers, earners and citizens


Bedtime Bits is the bi-weekly online publication that provides a variety of controlled, quality information that is meant to enhance our conversations and our lives.  It makes it quicker and easier to share enjoyable family time since you’ll always be ready with material. While each issue has enough material for two weeks, it doesn’t all have to be shared – you might want to continue reading that great book and supplement with a piece from Bedtime Bits.  It can easily supplement your current bedtime routine or provide a great segue to a new routine for older kids.

Projects & Challenges appear periodically – it could be a week-long family challenge like eating 5 fruits or vegetables every day, biking every day, walking every day, etc.,  or one-time projects like memorization or making a bird house.  Should you accept the mission, you’ll be part of a group embarking on the conquest and be able to share support, progress notes, videos and feedback.

While the internet and social media have made learning so much quicker and easier, information overload is a real problem – for adults, but especially for our kids.  Jumping from one thing to another barely lets our brains sink into and ponder the information much less allow young synopses to fully form.  There’s something to be said for delayed gratification, and avoiding overload.   Bedtime Bits allows for that – it’s not something new to do each day but rather two weeks of material, challenges to choose or decline, ideas to assist you in forming other personal initiatives and more.


  • Want to introduce your child to the joy of knowledge (maybe they don’t enjoy school?)
  • Want to learn along with your child
  • Want to strengthen your family experience
  • Want your child to know more than they learn in school
  • Want to expand upon topics your child is learning to give them a fuller picture or just to be able to spend more time on the topic so your child absorbs more
  • Want to encourage initiative, responsibility, accountability in your child
  • Want to encourage entrepreneurship and/or leadership
  • Love the idea of expanding on or focusing on a different aspect of what is already being taught

THEN Family Bedtime and Bedtime Bits could make your life easier, make learning a fun family initiative and enrich your lives in terms of family and knowledge.


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